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You like me, but will you buy from me?

You like me, but will you buy from me?The almighty LIKE button. People are obsessed with their LIKE count on Facebook. Should you be? Does it really matter and what DOES your like count tell you?

What the LIKE count tells you is pretty simple. It shows the number of people that have clicked the “Like” button on your Facebook page. But what’s not simple is what does that really mean.

Likes does NOT equal customers

Your Like count doesn’t tell you how many customers or potential customers you are engaging with. When you created your Facebook Page, you might have invited all of your 1500 Facebook Friends to like that page. So your best friend from the second grade clicked “Like” because she wanted to support you. But she will never be a customer. Also, ever run a contest on your page? You might have generated tons of “Likes” from people who wanted to win, who will also never be a customer.

Should I be looking at ways to increase your likes?

Why, yes of course you should. While Likes does not equal market share, the more Likes you have, the bigger the audience for your message is.

How do I get more likes?

Create great content that your target audience will, well, LIKE. If you’re a health coach, let’s say, create content around what your ideal customer is dealing with. Your goal is to have someone think “OMG I was JUST thinking that very same this yesterday”. New potential fans and followers are more apt to like content that is about THEM and not about your products.

Amy Nowacoski

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